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Since 1989, Strategic Learning Clinic has helped thousands of students of all ages in the West Island and beyond become the best that they can be through its unique three-pronged approach: remedial programs, brain training programs, and targeted academic support. This process sets them apart, as they always begin with a consultation to get to know the families that they work with and each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. The Clinic then administers academic and cognitive efficiency tests to ensure that a student participates in programs that specifically address the root cause(s) of the difficulties they face in school. Lastly, a student’s progress is monitored on an ongoing basis.

So many parents contact the Clinic and relate heart-breaking accounts of their child’s academic and emotional struggles. Students struggle in and out of school for many reasons such as language and phonological issues, attentional challenges, visual-spatial issues, weak processing speed and/or working memory, and executive function deficits. As a result, they become anxious about school and the older they get, the more defeated they become by their overwhelming challenges, and despair that things will ever get better. Eventually, they may lose their passion for learning in the process.

A parent’s instincts are rarely wrong. You may sense when your child needs help, and by responding to these instincts, learning difficulties can be addressed before they escalate. If you are a parent who has been disappointed by traditional tutoring and does not know where to turn for support, please share your story. The Clinic’s trained educators and proven programs can definitively address your child’s underlying difficulties, ultimately ensuring their bright future.

You can contact the Strategic Learning Clinic in the following ways:

Phone Number: (514) 966-1553




We have an amazing deal this week from Protection 360.

This Holiday Season give the gift of peace of mind to loved ones! For a limited time, BOGO: with the purchase of any 1 product, you automatically get any second product at 50% off. As well, receive free standard shipping to anywhere in Canada. Act now!  

#keepourlovedonessafe    #stopthespreadofCOVID-19    #keepyourworkenviormentsafe

For those individuals looking to keep your families & workplaces safe, Protection 360 offers Canadian-certified UVC sterilizers to keep your everyday objects contaminant-free. These products can prove to be very practical to Parents, Flight attendants, Hairdressers, Teachers, Healthcare Professionals & anyone looking to stop the spread of bacteria & viruses.

All residential products are durable, and affordable sterilizers to help keep your exposure to unwanted bacteria to a minimum. These products utilize UVC light waves which have sanitizing properties which have many uses in commercial, healthcare, and consumer settings. Hospitals have used UVC lamps to sterilize surgical equipment and the air in operating theatres for years! Food and drug companies have also used UVC lamps to sterilise their products. This is something new to us in the residential sector but not to the health and food sector.

As a population, we need to evolve like a virus and start embracing technology that has been around for years that can help keep us safe. It is guaranteed that UVC sterilization is safe for all types of products which include cells, ipads, toys, food etc…and more importantly it’s toxic and chemical free!! These products will help us stay ahead of this second wave especially at school and work. You don’t want to bring back unwanted germs and bacteria to loved ones do you?

Protection 360’s top products include:

3in1 Wireless phone charger & sterilizer Retail: $99.99

Canadian Certified: Kills 99.99% of bacteria & viruses in 3 min (Eliminates E-coli, Staph viruses)

-> Disinfects and charges Qi compatible phones wirelessly as well as Apple watches & AirPods. (Also disinfects other small items such as keys, and money.)

Designer Sterilizing box  Retail: $99.99

Canadian Certified: Kills 99.97% of bacteria & viruses in 3min. (Eliminates E-coli, Staph viruses, Candida albicans)

-> Easy to assemble/disassemble, large enough to sterilize items such as: work clothes, books, Stethoscopes, masks, groceries, school supplies, back packs and lunch boxes. The possibilities are endless.

Grey Sterilizing box (Offered in a green sport material as well)  Retail: $99.99

Canadian Certified: Kills 99.97% of bacteria & viruses in 15min. (Eliminates E-coli, Staph viruses)

-> Easy to assemble/disassemble, large enough to sterilize items such as: work clothes, books, Stethoscopes, masks, groceries, school supplies, back packs and lunch boxes. The possibilities are endless.

Protection 360’s products are the only ones offered in Canada that have been tested locally to confirm that they do what they claim they do. Protection 360 utilized the services of EUROFINS which offers laboratory services right here in Quebec to analyze samples which were taken while testing these products. Certificates of conformity can be found on their website.
#keepourlovedonessafe    #stopthespreadofCOVID-19    #keepyourworkenviormentsafe

We have a fantastic deal this week from DJ Jewellers located in Plaza Pointe Claire.

They will be offering all our Followers, 30%-40% off diamond jewellery. Please mention West Island Mommies when making a purchase. They have a nice variety of Diamond rings and more. Be sure to stop in and check out what they have available for you or your loved one.

Plaza Pointe Claire

295-E Boul. St-Jean

Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J1


DJ Jewellers has been in business in Plaza Pointe Claire for over 30 years. It is the quintessential jewellery shop and one of the few jewelers in the West Island. Dilip, the owner is a graduated jeweller, gemologist, jewellery designer and watchmaker.

If you’re looking for the perfect, one-of-a-kind engagement or wedding ring, DJ Jewellers will design something fabulous for any budget. They use sophisticated software called 3D CAD jewellery design to create the most gorgeous pieces.

DJ Jewellers has a wide variety of beautiful jewellery to choose from, including gold, silver, precious stones and, of course, diamonds. DJ only sells Maple Leaf diamonds. These diamonds are mined in northern Canada. They are some of the most highly prized diamonds in the world and are ranked among the world’s most exquisite and valued gems.

Not only can you purchase exquisite jewellery and watches at DJ Jewellers, Dilip will repair any broken jewellery or watch and make them like new again. If all you need is a watch battery, they will change it for you.

Next time you’re thinking of purchasing any type of jewellery or you need to have something repaired, go to DJ Jewellers.

Plaza Pointe Claire

295-E Boul. St-Jean

Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J1