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Busy schedule? Want to get in shape but have no clue where to start? Feel intimidated when you show up to a gym? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you might want to take a closer look at Fit Body Boot Camp. I know what you’re thinking, the words “boot camp” sound a bit too grueling and intense for your liking… well the good news is they’re just that; words.

What is Fit Body Boot Camp you might ask? FBBC for short is a brand new fitness center that opened in D.D.O. (on Tecumseh right beside WIC). They specialize in intense 30 minute “boot camp style” workouts that help you lose fat and tone your body. Yes, only 30 minutes. These workouts involve absolutely no heavy equipment or machinery. There’s slam balls, battle ropes, resistance bands; all the fun stuff that’ll help improve your day to day life with minimal risk of injury. They have morning, afternoon, and evening sessions to fit everyone’s needs. Their goal is to make working out fun and accessible for everyone no matter their fitness level or experience. All their sessions are ran by extremely knowledgeable and motivating coaches who take a lot of care in helping their members achieve their goals.

With so many gyms out there what makes FBBC really stand out? Well to begin with, the second you walk in you realize you’re not just another client but part of a community. They place a lot of emphasis on eating and living healthier and offer nutritional consultations as part of their memberships. Their coaches take the time to sit down with you, discuss your goals and work with you to set out a plan to achieve them. Finally, the workouts themselves are unique in that they’re different everyday and are personalized. By them being different everyday you won’t find yourself getting bored going through the same motions over and over. As for the second part, personalized? Yes, despite being in a group, the coaches will modify all the exercises to every member working out to suit their specific fitness level. That way you won’t ever feel the need to “catch up” with everyone else and can go at your own pace.

The folks at FBBC are so convinced that you’ll enjoy being part of their family that they offer a free week trial to everyone new. Might as well give it a shot, what do you have to lose besides a few pounds?

845J Tecumseh


514) 421-3256

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Kim McKay is a personal training specialist based on the west island of Montreal, with a focus on fitness, health, and overall wellness.  She has over 16 years’ experience training people individually and in groups. Her passion and motivation is helping people happily achieve their health and fitness goals.  Whether it’s gaining strength and flexibility, overcoming injuries, running a marathon, or fitting into those jeans, she will help them get there! It really fires her up to make someone smile….to know she’s reached someone’s tender spot and see their happiness light up because of her personalized program approach.


Kim states that “years ago I figured out that trying to be “perfect” was self-defeating.  What works is doing my best and doing my best is great!  I use the 80/20 rule. My goal for myself and my clients is to be self-aware, happy and healthy.”

Kim graduated from John Abbott College with a D.E.C. in  Social Sciences which truly helped her form the foundation of what she does: learning and understanding individual and group needs, while at the same time enhancing her interpersonal skills. She completed her personal trainer specialist certification with Canadian Fitness Professionals, as well as the YMCA Individual Conditioning certification.

Over the past 16 years Kim has worked with hundreds of people who have collectively lost hundreds of pounds.  Achieving their goals is important to them and also to her; whether losing weight, toning and strengthening, and/or overcoming injury.


Please see below the current programs offered at Kim McKay Fitness: 


Circuit & Core Training Class

A high energy and fun class! This class consists of a structured circuit of compound exercises with little rest in between exercises.  This maximizes calorie burn and increases metabolic rate during and after the workout. The last 15 minutes is focused on core and flexibility.


One-on-One Training

Private training sessions that will keep you motivated, engaged, and challenged based on your goals and needs.


Pairs Training

Individualized fitness program offered to any two people who would like to share a session.


The Happiness Approach to weight loss program

This is a highly personalized approach to losing 30 lbs. in 90 days – custom tailored for you and your uniqueness, and based on 6 steps.

For more information on the above, please visit, or email me at


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Kim is offering a limited time special offer for West Island Mommies followers. For those that would like to learn more head on over to her website at and use checkout code MOMMY25 to save 25% on Core & Circuit Training Class.




When Kim first started having her kids, exercising (or thinking about exercise) wasn’t a priority. She was just able to do the BASICS: multiple loads of laundry, dusting, cleaning, cooking, and caring for the kids. The pressure of being a new mom with less time for herself started to get to her. She was feeling the strain and was T.I.R.E.D! Having very little energy with very little “me time” Kim felt out of shape. She knew she could be more health-focused but felt she was doing all she could to survive the day-to-day juggling of parenthood.


But then came the day where Kim had an “ah ha” moment! She read an article in a magazine about finding balance: balance between work/home, and parenting/self-care. In that moment she realized that taking care of herself would help her to be a happier person. She knew she would feel better about herself, feel more confident…and have more energy. She realized that her kids didn’t need her to be a perfect Mom — they needed her to be a Mom who is self-aware and is able to find those small pockets of time to take care of herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Moms, Kim McKay is this weeks WIM featured business. Kim is a personal training specialist based in West Island. She focuses on health and overall fitness. She has over 16 years of experience training people from all walks of life, including Moms like you. Whether it’s gaining strength and flexibility, overcoming injuries, running a marathon, or fitting into those jeans, her passion is simply to help people HAPPILY achieve their health and fitness goals.


Be sure to check her out on her website for all the programs and info she offers.


Present in Dorval since 1994, Mondo Bébé continues to offer a growing selection of styles and finishes which means we can satisfy a large range of tastes and budgets.

Our cribs are convertible into both toddler and full-size beds. Complementary furniture is offered on each different set.

We have been able to expand our business to both St.Leonard and Brossard giving us the
ability to offer furniture of outstanding quality at competitive prices while providing excellent service. We consistently meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.


Mondo Bébé – Dorval

1525 Boulevard Hymus
Dorval, QC H9P 1J5
Phone : 514-421-5891

Opening Hours
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 10h-17h
Wednesday : 10h-17h
Thursday : 10h-17h
Friday : 10h-17h
Saturday : Call for appointment with Coletta : 514-421-5891 | 514-690-5505
Sunday : Closed