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Thanksgiving is around the corner. When planning a special feast with family, I like to head to the Marche de l’ouest for all our food needs. It’s our go to place. A hidden gem in the west island.

First stop is the Turkey. Head over to la Préférence to order and pick up your fresh Turkey. They will help you to find the right turkey or any meat that your family may enjoy for Thanksgiving.

How about some yummy cheese platters for when your guests arrive? Head on over to Yannick fromagerie for all your cheese needs. They will help plan the perfect platter to suit you and your guests.

How about some freshly made Sausage? Head over to Saucissier de l’ouest and pick out the sausages of your choice for some yummy appetizers.

If you are more of a Fish lover, then look no further than Pêche Pêche. They have a huge variety of fish and seafood for you to choose from. They can even cook it for you on the spot.

What’s a meal without a fresh baguette , fresh bread or Buns? Head on over to Première Moisson & Boulangerie MDO for a big variety of bread products.

Let’s not forget the salad. Check out what EATZ CHEZ VOUS “PRÊT-A-MANGER” has to offer. Many different types of salads to suit everyone’s taste buds.

To finish off your yummy dinner, be sure to pick up some tasty Desserts. There is something for everyone at Marche de L’ouest. You can pick everything up in one trip and stop for a coffee as well along the way. Be sure to head out to Marche de L’ouest this weekend for all your Thanksgiving Needs. It’s your one stop shop Market. A hidden Gem.

Be sure to choose a pumpkin for your fall decor as well! Lots of sizes to choose from!

Well it started out as a regular Monday, until I received an email inviting me to attend a meet and greet with Howie D of the Backstreet Boys to discuss his new children’s album- Which one am I ? which debuts on July 12.
I thought a children’s album, how amazing is that. I quickly responded a yes and started my research on this new album.

So me and my family jumped in the car and headed to the Bell Center. They were going to drop me off and after the interview we were planning to hit up La Ronde . I entered the bell center with some true BSB fans awaiting Howie’s arrival.

We sat and listened attentively to Howie explain how this project came about. Having kids changes your whole perspective on life. When his son James was 5 it sparked something inside him and inspired to create this children’s album. Songs that children can relate to, dance and express who they are. It was also his way to sing about what he went through as a child – a mixed-race heritage youth and the things he had to deal with. The song “Monsters in my Head”, derived from a night when his son woke up after having bad dreams and he expressed to his dad ” I have these monsters in my head and I can’t get them out” something even us adults deal with on a daily basis.

Howie and his Family

We sat and listened to a couple of songs off the album and I gotta say I was blown away. When my daughter was little, we listed to a lot of children’s music and many were just stuck in our heads. But this cd is different. Along with being stuck in your head, you get the chance to dance and sing with your kids and can relate to each of the songs on the album. This album is turning into a musical called Howie D: Back in the Day. It will be debuting in early 2020 in Omaha Nebraska.

When the question period came, I raised my hand and asked:
” Have you considered writing children’s books to pair up with the cd?”

Anything is possible. This new album will bring up many new projects and take it in different directions. He is open to adding to this new part of his career.

We chatted some more about having kids, dealing with anxiety and this new venture in his career. He is a true inspiration and very humble. I cannot recommend this CD enough. The songs are relatable, catchy and you won’t feel guilty at all for playing it in the car even when the kids are not around. Order yours today!!!

A BIG shoutout to Howie and his generosity for inviting me to be a guest to the concert last night. I was able to take my daughter to her first BSB concert- 2nd concert for her. She was blown away and had the best time ever. So Thank you Howie D for making it a special night my daughter will never forget!!

We are so excited to be working with West Island Community Shares on a super fun summer fundraising program. It’s a great way to get your kids involved in their community and to give back!

The campaign is called- ” Powered by Kids.. For Kids”

What does that mean you ask? well, it’s a fantastic way to teach your kids about giving back to their community. WI Community shares has set up a special fund dedicated to local community kid charities that all these funds will go directly into. Challenge your children to give back by hosting a lemonade stand, a bake sale, cut your neighbours grass and so on and so on. The ideas are endless. Allow your child to come up with their own fundraiser and all funds will go directly to your community. Remember that the amount raised is irrelevant. The important thing is to help our children understand that not all kids are as fortunate as they are.

Head over to the West Island Community Shares website for all the details on how your child can set up their very own fundraiser page. This campaign will run all summer long. Get your local pool involved or day camp. Let’s come together and support our community and have lots of fun doing it!

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the newest local business in Pierrefonds- S.A.M Learning Center. SAM is known for their Singaporean Math method. They teach you the skills and methods on the best way to learn math.

Along with Math they also teach languages such as French and Mandarin. Many different programs are offered to suit your child’s needs. They also offer camps from spring break to summer camps. For those preparing for the entrance exams, they also offer classes on how to prepare.

Check out our video review below for more info and get to see this beautiful location and it’s offerings.

SAM Learning Center wants to give away some prizes.

WE have 3 amazing prizes to give away:

– one SAM Singapore Math 4 month program 

– two English Phonics 12 week program 

– two FRENCH 6 week introduction program

To enter the contest, fill out the form below and answer this question:

What city is SAM learning center located in?

Fill out the form to enter the contest. Contest closes on March 30th. To find out more about SAM, please follow them on Facebook to stay up to date.

Due to the crazy storm coming our way tomorrow, most schools have closed.

English Montreal School Board

Lester B Pearson School Board – all schools, centres, daycares, head office and after school activities

New Frontiers School Board  – Off-territory schools serviced by the New Frontiers School Board will not have transportation.

Commission Scolaire de Montreal

Commission Scolaire des Trois-Lacs (off-island)

Commission scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries classes Tuesday night and Wednesday

Commission scolaire Marie-Victorin (daycare as well)

Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys

Commission scolaire des Patriotes

Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’ïle

All Riverside School Board Schools and all Centres (including ACCESS) are closed 

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board schools, adult education, vocational training centres, daycares and head office

Commission Scolaire de Laval

Commission des Seigneuries des Milles Iles 

Academie Lafontaine in St Jerome 

Akiva School in Westmount 

Alexander Von Humboldt German International School

Beth Jacob School

Bialik High School

Centennial Academy

Contactivity Centre –  seniors community centre in Westmount

College Bourget

College Laval 

Collège Notre-Dame

College Stanislas

College Ste-Anne (Lachine)

Les écoles Azrieli Talmud Torah | Herzliah “Campus Beutel”  (Elementary French and English section ) and “Sylvan Adams Campus” (High School French and English section) 

Ecole Bilingue Notre Dame de Sion (St. Laurent)

École Charles-Perrault (LAVAL)

Ecole Alex Manoogian

Ecole Buissonnière

Ecole Socrates Demosthene

Emmanuel Christian School

Faith Christian Academy (FCA)

Garderie Foundation School in Westmount

Hebrew Academy Elementary and High School

Hebrew Foundation School in Dollard

JPPS Elementary

Kells Academy (all campuses)

Kuper Academy

LaSalle D&D 50+ Centre

Lower Canada College

Montreal Oral School for the Deaf

NorthStar Academy (Laval)

Peter Hall School

Rotiwennakehte elementary

Ratihen:te high school

Sacred Heart School of Montreal 

Selwyn House School

Solomon Schechter Academy

St. George’s Elementary and High School

The Study school in Westmount

Vanguard School (Saint-Laurent)

Vaudrin Academy 

Villa Maria school

West Island College

Trafalgar School for Girls

Lower Canada College

Summit School 

Kuper Academy 

Daycare/Preschools Closure

Montessori Pointe Claire

Le Petit Castel Daycare on Chevremont

CPE Dorval

CPE Treehouse (Hudson)

Garderie SuperKidz Daycare Center

CPE of Hebrew Foundation (DDO)

CPE Lachine

West Island Daycare in Pointe Claire

A-KIDDY-Z NEST Day Care Centre / Garderie Le Nid des Bouts de Choux

CPE Beth Rivkah

CPE Concordia

CPE Dorval

CPE de mon Coeur

CPE du Campus

CPE du Centre Communautaire Juif

CPE Dawson

CPE Deux par deux

CPE Dollard

CPE Hebrew Day School

CPE Hebrew Day School Tots 

CPE Hellenique foyer d’enfants


CPE hellénique Ta Pedakia 

CPE La Foret Enchantee

CPE Les P’tits Profs

CPE Montreal Day Nursery

CPE NDG Play and Care Centre 

CPE Treehouse (Hudson)

CPE of Hebrew Foundation (DDO)

CPE Hebrew Academy in Cote St. Luc

CPE Lachine

CPE les Petites Cellules

CPE Riverview

CPE Tyndale St. Georges 



CPE Shalom in St. Laurent

CPE Ambcal

CPE les Petits Coeurs de Francoise

Garderie Alexis Nihon (Saint Laurent)

Garderie Bourke in Dorval 

Garderie Educative DDO

Garderie La Perle de l’Enfance

Garderie Le Nid de Namur

Garderie Les Amis Des Schtroumpfs

Garderie Les Jolis Coeurs a Ville Lasalle

Garderie Les Moments Magiques

Garderie Monchichi

Garderie SuperKidz Daycare Center

Garderie Tweetoons

Garderie Vendome

CPE Hellenique Ilios

Orchard House Preschool

Rising Sun Childcare Centre

— This list will be updated as Info is released.