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Has anyone ever made you feel like the worst parent ever? I am sure as soon as your baby was born, there has been one time where someone made you feel inadequate as a parent.

A few years ago I spoke about parent shaming on social media. Here is a part 2 to that article. Parent shaming at the school level…

This type of parent shaming starts at the baby level.. do I or don’t I send my child to daycare? The struggle is real. With some parents it’s a no brainer, they work and child must go and some are home with their kids. Either way you do what you need to do for your family. No matter what, our society will still shame you on either decision. You must do what is best for your family and that’s it.

Now comes Elementary school. It starts with the comparisons: ” My child can count to 30 and speak 3 languages and write 20 words. What can your child do? ” This stage is huge in building your child and teaching them about bullying and how wrong it is. Yet the parents are the bigger bullies and kids learn from their parents.

I am currently in the phase of registering my daughter for High School. Registration for high school is way different then it was when I was in school. There are tons of programs to choose from and each school offers something different. First step, is in grade5 in the month of May, the students (by choice) take an exam to see if they qualify for the IB (
International Baccalaureate) Program and any other specialty programs that require an entrance test. We chose NOT to send our daughter for the exam as we know our child, this program is not for her. But I still got numerous comments from parents in all grades- ” You are Not sending her for the IB exam?” with that look of disgust and judgement. All I want to say to them is ” WTH is it to you what we decide to do for my child?” With so much pressure in schools, why can’t kids just go to school and learn and not be segregated into these programs where this side is the “Smart people” and this side is the “regular people” ? As a parent, it’s so frustrating! The fear iof your child being bullied cause she is not in the “smart” class is what I am dreading. Thankfully, we have brought up a smart, independant, strong girl who will stand up for herself and anyone she cares about. Sure there are repercussions for that too. Snitch, tattle tale, all things she has already been called because she stood up to bullies when someone else couldn’t. It’s so important to teach our kids that we should stand up for what is right NOT because they will look bad or be segragated for doing so. Looking forward to what high school will bring us next year and also scared at what social media, peer pressure, hormones etc will do to my child. I hope she can continue to be a strong, independent girl that I brought her up to be.

So with all that being said.. will this parent Shaming/ bullying ever stop? With social media in full play, I almost think it’s going to get worse before it ever gets better.



The holidays are around the corner. Time to plan ahead and order your child’s very own personalized letter.

Do your kids mail out a letter to santa every year? I know you can send a letter to Santa via Canada post and then they send out a very generic letter to everyone. The same letter over and over again. Well have I got the next best thing for you.

Check out Order your child’s personalized letter from Santa. Right down to the gifts they want and everything. There are many package offerings available with just the letter or some extra added items that will make your child feel special.



You can choose the sample letter or you can send in your own version. You can choose which design you would like and which package. Then come December, your child will receive a beautiful package in the mail. How cool is that??

The prices start at 12.99$ and go up to 34.99$ with so many choices to choose from.  From personalized items to magic reindeer food, your child will be amazed!


Check out my video review on these super cool products. All created by a local mom entrepreneur. Support Local businesses and sign up today for your letter to santa!

You can visit them on Facebook or directly on their site to order.





We have teamed up with MonGym West Island and Gamerz Cafe  to bring a much needed Fall Food drive.  They are in desperate need to re-stock their shelves. Some major items are at the top of the list:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Canned Fish such as Tuna and Salmon

Every month On Rock Community Services, has 275 families they provide food baskets for. The need for food is growing everyday. We need your help.

Calling on all the west islanders for your help more than ever now.

This food drive will run until November 15th. Keep those canned goods coming.


Start collecting your toys for our 4th Annual toy drive which will kick off November 17th. More details to follow.



The Holiday Train Schedule is out!

Have you ever taken the family to see the CP Holiday Train? It’s a great way to kick off  the Holiday season! As packed and crazy it can be, it’s so much fun. One year it even snowed which made it more magical. If crowds are not your thing, you can stand at one of the train stations along the 20 like Pointe Claire, Cedar park and you can watch the train drive by lit up. By not being at the beaconsfield train station, you miss out on the entertainment, food donations and much more.


The CP Holiday Train program launched in 1999 and has since raised more than C$14.5 million and gathered 4.3 million pounds of food for communities along CP’s routes in Canada and the United States.

Beginning in Montreal on November 25 and 27 respectively, two trains will make the festive journey, travelling through both the U.S. and Canada to bring holiday cheer to 164 communities along CP’s network. Each event is free, with CP encouraging attendees to open their cupboards and wallets to help address hunger needs in their communities. Local food banks will be accepting donations at each stop to ensure those less fortunate have enough healthy food this holiday season.

“On behalf of the 13,000-strong family here at CP, it is my great pleasure to kick-off the 20th tour of the CP Holiday Train,” said Keith Creel, CP’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “It is a privilege for CP to be able to run a program like this and connect with so many communities across our network. I want to personally thank each individual who has made a donation over the past 20 years – your collective efforts have made the Holiday Train a huge success for two decades.”

The Canadian Train will depart Montreal on November 27. Kelly Prescott will join three time Juno award-winner Terri Clark and Sierra Noble to spread holiday cheer through Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan to Calgary, Alta. Sam Roberts Band will then carry on through Alberta and British Columbia to the final show of the 2018 CP Holiday Train tour in Port Coquitlam on Dec. 18.

For more info on the full schedule, check out their website.



The Holiday Trail will be arriving at Beaconsfield Train Station on Tuesday November 27th at 8pm. This year’s entertainment will be Terri Clark, Sierra Noble and Kelly Prescott which starts at 8:15. Arrive early as parking is very limited.

The onboard entertainment will be from 8:15 to 8:45pm. Even Santa makes a visit!


Join the EVENT on Facebook to be reminded about this great event!


Valois Train Station in Pointe Claire is also hosting a party. Hang out there and watch the train go by. Have some hot Cocoa and enjoy the local businesses.





Have you heard of Pip & Vix Art kits for kids? Well if you haven’t- you need to know all about these amazing kits.

Spark your child’s imagination with an innovative art box from Pip & Vix Art Kits – delivered monthly! This 100% Canadian company, started by two Moms, offers subscription based art kits for kids ages 3-13+ years, designed to be fun & educational

Every month a new kit is available to stimulate your child’s creativity, while introducing different artists, techniques and art genres. The art boxes come fully loaded with tons of high quality art supplies, a lesson guide with step-by-step instructions & colour photos, and fun art facts – delivered straight to your door.



Recently, I received an art kit for my 11yr old daughter. We sat down together to work on the kit. I must say it’s pretty amazing. Opening the box and having every single item at your fingertips is wonderful! My daughter absolutely loved it.  It sparked some creativity and she was able to create the craft in her own way.

Check out our Video review to see how we enjoyed crafting together and how easy and fun it was.


You need to head over to their website and check out all the different art kits available in all ages. Start your christmas shopping today!