Fit Mind and Body Initiative is a Montreal-West Island based outreach service. It’s primary aim is to promote overall wellness by providing research based evidence on several matters that affect health. In addition techniques on how to stay active for the direct benefit of overall well-being are provided during specific workshops. We are a service dedicated to fight mental health stigma and provide information to the community on how exercise can help in achieving overall physical and mental wellness.

In addition to group seminars and workshops we also offer  Individual consultation services: Motivation to exercise is a very common problem in the general population. A lot of money and resources are spent on personal training, major fitness online programs, E-coaches, and other fitness industry related methods. Many are directed to one major goal: to get people fit and remain motivated but the cost can be quite significant; especially for those who want to exercise but cannot afford it. On the other hand how can it become constant? Many drop out of these programs and can’t keep up with the routine. All these existing programs are usually short term, the initial will is there but it’s difficult to sustain it. The drive and consistency has to come from within. One has to work hard but also to keep it consistent the person has to enjoy it and truly see the inner and outer benefits of it.

At Fit Mind and Body Initiative we can help you discover your inner drive. We do an overall individual assessment of your life, priorities, exercise interests and make you realize how you can accomplish your goals. We do not want you to rely on others but ONLY on yourself to get motivated. We work with you and if you are a member of a gym we work with them as well.

We are a community-oriented initiative, our goal is for you to reach overall wellness one step at a time.

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