Please join us for an evening with Jillian Rudnitsky a Clinical Social Worker . She works with children aged 3 to 12 in a daycare and an elementary school as well as in a private practice. She helps support children and their parents through the personal challenges that they are experiencing and assists kids in developing skills that will help them build and maintain healthy relationships.
The workshop will be held on Tuesday April 26. It will run from7:00pm to 9:00pm.
This session will provide you with an understanding of what anxiety is and what it looks like so that you can detect when your child’s normal stress may be transitioning into anxiety. More importantly, we’ll spend time exploring concrete strategies that can be used to help ease that anxiety and easy to implement routines that can improve your child’s overall mental well-being.
The cost of the workshop is $35 per person. At the end of the session, there will be a Q&A period for any specific questions that you may have on this subject. The workshop will be held in Pointe Claire at Studio BBG, please email us and we will send you the exact address.

For more information on the workshop, please click here to see the event listed on our Facebook page.


Please email us today at to register your spot, space is limited!