We have a great deal for you this week from The West Island Neuropsychology and Counseling Centre.

The West Island Neuropsychology and Counseling Centre is offering 10% off an initial session of therapy or testing.  The clinic offers individual, couple, and family therapies, art, music, drama therapies, speech therapy, occupational therapy, as well as neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing. Prices for the different services vary, so please contact the clinic at 514-505-9462 or at westilslandneuroandcounseling@gmail.com for more information. To take advantage of the discount, simply call or email this week and mention West Island Mommies when booking an appointment.

The West Island Neuropsychology and Counseling Centre is also offering free screenings for pre-K children to identify those at risk for future reading disabilities. There are several markers for potential reading disorders that can be identified as young as age three. In fact, the performance of four-year-olds on such tests can predict their reading ability in both elementary and high school. By screening children prior to kindergarten, those at risk can be offered the appropriate interventions.