Well what a Halloween it was… I just felt it was so different this year with an on-going pandemic, that I just had to document it and write all about it.

The past 8 months have been nothing short of awful, stressful, emotional and so much more. The fear of the unknown has affected so many people in so many ways. With all the talk of halloween and whether we should hand out candy- go out was a no brainer to Me. As a family we decided to hand out candy or chips for us in a safe manner. Masks on and at a distance. Safety was the number one priority on everyone’s mind last night!

Yes it’s just candy.. but this yearly tradition that kids look forward to all year was upon us. Our government gave the thumbs up for trick or treaters ( even though we are in a Red Zone shutdown with no gatherings allowed etc.) One evening where kids could laugh, be silly and have fun!

Many people did not go out and made it special at home with fun activities and candy. Many kids did go out as well as hand out candy. So I turned to my friends to see how everyone was handing out candy this year from a distance. I must say I am so impressed. People wore masks and created ramps, slides, clotheslines and much more so kids could still trick or treat safely. I hope everyone had a blast in their own way. It was definitely one for the memory books!

Our Extended arm we used to hand out bags of chips

One mom said to me while I passed a bag of chips with an extended arm- ” Thank you so much for making it special for the kids” and that is what our community did. One night of no worries and simple fun and child innocence. Well done West Island! you guys rocked it. So proud of everyone! Here are some pics of some of the creative ways people handed out candy. Now onto the next big holiday…. Christmas!!! Stay safe– wear a mask.. social distance!!!!