This week, while I was doing my grocery shopping, I came across a bag of mini pumpkins. I thought “Hmm, I could do something really cool with these.” I brought them home and announced to my daughter that we would be painting pumpkins. On a side note, let me just say that saying we are going to do a craft anytime earlier than 5 seconds before I am prepared to sit down and do it is a HUGE mistake! Anyway, after many inquiries about WHEN we were going to paint the pumpkins, we sat down and got to painting.

We are planning for an upcoming Disney vacation, so I’ve got Disney on the brain 24/7, which is where I got my inspiration for my pumpkin. I am a little crafty, but not a painter by any means and I am quite surprised at how easy this was.

I started by painting the entire pumpkin black. Then I painted the shape of his face. If you google images of Mickey, you’ll get some good images to give you a guide. Once that was done, I just filled in the rest. For the ears, I cut out circles from cardstock. At the bottom of the circles, I added a little tab that could be folded back and glued to the top of the pumpkin.

And…. voila! Take a look at my finished product below. A super fun craft to do with kids!

Mini Pumpkin Mickey Mouse

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