Here are some testimonials from parents who have worked with Ayleen at ABCSleepyTime Inc.


Ayleen is THE Godess of sleep. She helped us sleep train our 5 month old in the most gentle of ways. Being a nurse she took my son’s medical needs into account and didn’t just provide me with a generic plan based on his age like other sleep trainers do. I am beyond happy with the results of our work and how easy Ayleen made it all. She was a pleasure to work with both from a sleep training stand point and a medical one as well. My son now does 12.5hr nights with zero wakings and structured naps of 1.5hrs which are restorative. Best of all, I don’t need to tap him or sushhhhh him to sleep. I simply put him down and off he goes. He wakes up happy and in a terrific mode! I HIGHLY recommend her!

-Anabelle H.

Montreal, QC


As first time parents, we were overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information when it came to sleep. Not knowing any better, we took whatever means necessary to get our baby to sleep. We had a system that worked… until it didn’t.
Realizing the problem was going to get much worse if we didn’t solve it now (at 5 months), we contacted Ayleen under recommendation from friends of ours. It’s immediately apparent Ayleen knows exactly what she’s talking about and has the background to prove it. She told us every reason our child was acting and reacting the way he was and gave us a plan to get him on track.
The process wasn’t easy, but Ayleen was there to encourage us and hold us accountable. At the end of it all, we are happy to have a child who sleeps on a consistent schedule, sleeps at night and naps longer than half an hour.
If you’re willing to work with Ayleen and get your child on track with their sleep (and whatever other questions you might have she can answer), book her immediately, if not sooner. For us, it was more than worth it.


-Vito & Renee

Ottawa, ON


When I first called Ayleen, I was very nervous about sleep training my daughter. She’d had some health issues and I wasn’t sure how the process would develop. I was not a fan of letting my baby cry herself to sleep, which seems to be the method of choice of  most sleep trainers. Ayleen has a very different approach and really supports your decisions as a parent. She helped to ease my fears about allowing a baby to cry a little (which you can’t avoid when you sleep train). The method she uses is very hands on and is adaptable depending on your baby and your needs as a parent. She listens really well and provides wonderful advice. The fact that she is a pediatric nurse as well who worked for many years at the Children’s Hospital made me feel very confident in her ability to give health advice related to sleep. Her daily support and feedback was such an integral part of the process. I always felt like I had a team supporting me through the process, which was fairly quick and not as painful as I imagined. Many months after we sleep trained our daughter, my 18 month old naps everyday for at least 2 hours and does over 12 hours every night. Bed time is a relaxing and enjoyable event in our home! I highly recommend you give Ayleen a call to discuss your situation.


-Trish W.

Montreal, QC


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