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Ayleen Gelbart RN is the founder of ABCSleepyTime Inc. She has fifteen (15) years Nursing experience working in a very busy pediatric emergency room in Montreal, as a Coordinator of Nursing Activities, and more recently as a Public Health Nurse. Ayleen has been a Sleep Learning Specialist since 2006, and is a mom of 3 incredible daughters.

ABCSleepyTime Inc. specializes in NIGHTIME SLEEP LEARNING and DAYTIME NAP LEARNING for newborns, infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. Throughout the sleep journey, advice and suggestions regarding overall health, milk and solid feeding, growth and development, teething, traveling, and numerous other topics will also be provided.


With ABC SleepyTime Inc., you will receive complete and comprehensive ONE-ON-ONE support throughout the entire Sleep Learning process. And because each baby/child is unique, every Sleep Learning session is personalized and tailored to match the needs of your baby/child and family. ABCSleepyTime Inc. uses a novel approach to sleep learning, and it should be noted that sleep work is a learning process, not a ‘quick fix’, to ensure long-lasting Sleep Learning success!


Ayleen has the mind of a Sleep Learning Specialist, the soul of a Nurse, and the heart of a Mom and loves working with the pediatric population and helping families enjoy the gift of sleep!


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