Curious Neuron is an education program that specializes in learning and the brain.

The goals of Curious Neuron are to:

1) make important brain-related information available to everyone

2) make learning play-based.


Workshops that teach students how their brain functions.

Curious Neuron creates workshops for students of all ages (as well as for teachers and parents), helping them understand how their brain functions and how it learns. Topics covered include: “How does my brain control my emotions?”, “How does my brain remember and forget?”, “Mental illness and the brain”, “Drugs and the brain”, and more.


Play-based private sessions that build confidence and help students develop learning strategies.

Private sessions, held at Agoo clinic in Laval, help students overcome difficulties with learning. If your child has trouble organizing themselves for school projects, has difficulty remembering what they studied, has lost motivation and confidence at school, or simply needs to learn some study strategies, Curious Neuron can help. They assist students in developing important learning/study skills by creating activities to make their homework more engaging. They believe learning should always be fun! (


Group classes that promote brain development.

Weekly group classes aim to create games and activities that promote development in young children and help prepare them for school.

1) Guided-Play Program (ages 1-5). Educators create activities for children, while providing tips and guidelines for parents to create a stimulating home environment.

2) Curious Little Scientist Program (ages 3-6). Children perform fun science experiments and take part in specialized learning activities that promote all aspects of brain development (motor, cognitive, social, and emotional).

3) Mentoring Program (ages 9-12). Students are given the opportunity to teach young children. Student mentors assist educators in the Curious Little Scientist Program. They get to teach science experiments, create and lead games and activities, read books to the children, and more! Mentors will feel more engaged in the learning process, build social skills, and boost their academic confidence. To register for the fall session or preregister for the Winter session visit