Do you feel tired ? Stressed? Do you have concentration problems? Want to feel better overall? Are you aware of the many benefits of exercise on overall mental and physical wellbeing? Do you have trouble getting motivated to exercise? Fit Mind and Body Initiative can help. We exist because we care.

Fit Mind and Body Initiative is a Montreal – West island based outreach service established by a mental health research professional working in the field of mental health and fitness. The founder of this initiative encountered from a professional and personal experience the many benefits that exercise has on overall wellbeing. The Initiative was created as an aim to promote overall wellness with an emphasis on mental health. Fit Mind and Body Initiative offers services and information to improve people’s lives and raise awareness of the many topics related to wellness.

Exercise is not a cure nor should it be the only option if someone has significant mental and or physical health problems  but if adopted as part of a healthy lifestyle and if done consistently ( along with treatment if needed)  it can help in coping with many challenges in life from physical matters, emotional to psychological.

Fit Mind and Body Initiative’s mandate is to provide services to the community by reaching out to the general public via knowledge transfer/direct presentations in the form of seminars and workshops on topics related to wellness and fitness. Education and promotion of mental health wellbeing topics are done in schools, workplaces, libraries and community centres. The service also provides : Research-supported information on mental health to the community with a focus on reducing the stigma associated with mental health; promotion and education on the many benefits of fitness on overall physical and mental health wellbeing; information and techniques on how to include fitness as part of a hectic lifestyle.

You can check out their facebook page  as well as Instagram  for updates, tips and information on the Initiative as well as the services offered.

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