At Garderie du Monde, we help your child develop a love for learning, independence, self-control and the ability to interact positively with others. We recognize that each child is unique and provide a comfortable, safe and nurturing environment where your child can be stimulated to develop their social, physical and intellectual skills all while having fun and making new friends. We provide your child with a “home away from home” by offering dedicated care with a tender motherly loving-touch.

Below is a brief summary of the services offered: 

– Open from 7am to 6pm 

– Video surveillance of your children in their class that parents can access by internet any time of day 

– Free diaper service 

– 2 snacks and a hot lunch 

– Qualified educators with a motherly touch 

– Monthly themes with a structured schedule 

– Educational outings 

– Yoga classes and musical awakening 

– Cooking Activities 

– Science Activities 

– Pre-K program ( Pre-reading, Pre-writing, awake program, etc.) 

– Dance 

– Visual Art Classes 

– Graduation Concert

– Holiday Pot luck Parties
– Friday Evening “PJ PARTY” Babysitting service
-Toonie Tuesday Breakfasts

Advance tax return : 

You have the right to receive between 75% and 26 % of these rates. After the Chilcare tax return, you pay the competitive price of CPE or subsidized daycare at 7:55$ enjoying our 100% educational creative program by playing. Our approach is “Play is Magic”. 

Here are some resources you can calculate your rate : 

Call one of our daycares to get our professional consulting and schedule a visit!

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