Le Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol is a non-profit francophone kindergarten offering half-day program for children aged of 3 to 5 years old, providing an excellent french immersion experience as well a good transition towards elementary school.

Learning environment

The kindergarten offers a stimulating, warm and reassuring place for meeting and learning for the children. The parents also have the opportunity to become more familiar with the school system.

Educational program

The educational program is created by the Tournesol’s teachers, inspired by the kindergarten program of the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the local schools’ teachers. Therefore, they can respond to the school system’s spectific needs and expectations towards new students.


Their philosophy being to learn by playing, the teachers use different games to initiate children to basic mathematics, reading and writing concepts. The Jardin d’enfants Le Tournesol values self-respect, respect of others, respect of the environment, autonomy development and perseverance.

Registration ( with an appointement):

490 rue de l’Église, Île-Bizard.

More info: 514-620-6080 or info@prematernelleletournesol.ca

Web site: http://www.prematernelleletournesol.ca