Are you looking for help in achieving your fitness and personal goals? Do you know what your goals are? Are you not seeing results? Do you not know where to start? Kim McKay Fitness can help you!


The objectives of the fitness professionals at Kim McKay Fitness is to help you live a healthy balanced lifestyle by motivating, inspiring, educating & training for their clients.


Some of the services they provide are:

Private Personal Training 

  • Will provide expert fitness instruction at your home, corporate or outdoor setting. An initial fitness assessment is conducted followed by a customized health & physical fitness training program.


Couple and/or Group Training

  • Working with couples or groups provides a sense of camaraderie as well as providing motivation through customized training programs.


Corporate Event Training 

  • Provides convenient opportunity to exercise while at work allowing for a healthy corporate life balance. Encourage corporate wellness and provide employees a work place with fitness training & motivation.


Health Assessment

  • Entails medical history information, posture, movement & flexibility analysis.


They will help you take the steps to move closer to your goals. Contact them at kimmckayfitness@gmail.com or 514-475-1369 and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also check out their Facebook page.


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