Kumon is Canada’s leading after school math and reading program, designed to help children build the skills they need to learn independently and solve problems on their own, with confidence. Children can enroll in Kumon from age three through high school, where they will receive guidance and support from a trained Kumon Instructor.  Using tailored lesson plans for each individual, Kumon helps students gain the confidence they need to succeed. In fact, many Kumon students advance beyond their grade level, which provides more freedom and learning opportunities in the future!

The self-learning process is what makes Kumon so unique. It fosters proactive problem-solving, encouraging students to study independently, without asking for the answer. Through specially designed worksheets and pointed guidance from the Instructor, students are able to master these subjects on their own, giving them a sense of achievement and motivation to keep progressing.

Many studies have also shown that early learning is important and can have long term benefits for young children. For preschoolers, Kumon’s math and reading program allows them to build a solid foundation in preparation for when they enter kindergarten. Through repetition and routine, the Kumon method introduces them to pre-reading and math concepts, and helps them build the focus and confidence they will need to excel in their future academic career.

There are multiple Kumon centres on the West Island of Montreal as well as the greater Montreal region. To learn more, stop by a centre to speak to an Instructor or visit www.kumon.ca for more details.