LUNA OIL is an ingredient-conscious skincare line that is 100% NATURAL, ORGANIC & CRUELTY-FREE. Their unique face and body oil formulations are based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda which harvests powerful botanicals in order to provide time-tested benefits of clear, soft, radiant skin. Not a single drop of harsh, synthetic chemicals, fragrances or coloring agents are used in their innovative and luxurious products.

The creator behind Luna Oil is Maya Levi, a Montrealer and a busy mom who fully commits herself to providing safe, organic, non-toxic cosmetics: ¨My skincare motto has always been that if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”. She has spent a lot of time choosing the right oils and herbs, making sure they are only the purest, highest grade and most beneficial for the skin. ¨It was important for me to stay true to the Ayurveda roots, as these principals offer centuries-old wisdom with plants that enable healing, revitalizing and oil-to-water balancing of the skin.”

There are three distinct FACE OILS to choose from:
Vata Face Oil  – which is specifically created for dry, delicate, wrinkle-prone skin and include rich, hydrating oils such as tamanu and avocado oils


Pitta Face Oil – which is for sensitive, combination skin, and offers cooling and nurturing oils such as coconut and rosehip oils
Kapha Face Oil –  which is for oily skin and uses  astringent,  cleansing oils such as tea tree and frankincense
The product line also includes three soon to be released face serums: anti-aging serum; blemish fighter and face brightener in their ANTIDOTE COLLECTION.
The BODY OILS are made up of gorgeous floral infusions ranging from roses, jasmine flowers, lavender and amaranth. These oils don’t just give remarkable skin results but are visually stunning  and make wonderful Christmas gifts.


Visit us at www.luna-oil.com