Under new ownership, Princess Birthday Parties Montreal, formerly Princess Stephanie & Friends, specializes in fairy tale birthday parties for kids ages 3 to 10.  Offered themes are of Princess, Fairies, Knights and Pirates.  But more than that, they offer support throughout the entire planning process, from helping you chose the right time, location and party extras for your child’s party.  When booking a party with them, you benefit of over 15 years experience and thousands of children’s birthday parties.  You are in good hands! Unlike many other princess birthday parties offered in the city, Princess Birthday Parties Montreal doesn’t put on a “show”, but rather spends the entire time engaging with your child and their friends. As well, all the children at the party get to dress up and bring home a craft. This is what makes their parties unique and such a memorable experience.

Princess Birthday Parties Montreal offers extras such as face painting, loot bags, piñatas and party supplies so you can sit back and feel like the Queen you are during the entire planning process!

So What is a Princess according to Princess Birthday Parties Montreal?
A true princess stands by her values, values like, a sense of adventure, a belief that the impossible is achievable, respect for people of all shades, shapes and sizes, that friendly is fun, honesty is the best policy even when it’s the hardest way, that laughter make life great and that adding little bit of fairytale magic makes everything so much better!   We believe that there is a lot more to being a princess than wearing poufy dresses and diamond tiaras!  Being a princess is all about compassion and caring.  We believe that being a Princess is being:
P olite
R espectful
I ntelligent
N aturally beautiful
C aring
E legant
S elfless
S uccessful
And that is what we teach the kids, through different activities.



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