Everyone Can Dance!

RADLogoFullWebProjet RAD is an inclusive urban dance program offering classes to people with special needs. Classes are taught in certified dance studios that are fully accessible. RAD instructors have been trained by professionals to ensure quality-teaching methods are adapted to your child’s individual needs.

Projet RAD has recently certified Imperium Dance Studio in the West Island. Their incredible spaces and amazing staff, really make you feel like you are part of the family the minute you walk in.

Students in the RAD program not only take dance classes in studios, but they are invited to participate in community events as well as perform in the year-end show of that of their certified studio. Participating in these activities increase awareness to help build a more inclusive society.

Projet RAD also offers extra-curricular activities, workshops, motivational-entertainment conferences, special events, and animation services in schools, hospitals, and centers all across Quebec.

Visit www.projetrad.com for more info on how to register your child in one of their classes or on how to book their certified dance instructors at your next event!