Students look forward all year to the last day of school. With school out for the summer, they can finally play in the sun, relax with their friends, attend summer camp, and most of all, enjoy their evenings homework-free! Summer, however, can also be a good time for children to finally catch up with their peers in reading or Math, especially for those who have struggled during the year.

This is where parents’ intuition comes in. For struggling readers or those with reading disabilities, remedial reading instruction with a phonemic approach may be the answer. Many parents suspect that their child has a learning difficulty despite their good marks, but face a conundrum at the end of the school year: do they allow their child to take the summer off and play, or do they attempt to address the learning issues over the summer?

Summer, far removed from the pressures and routines of daily school life, is an excellent time to address learning issues, and all it takes is a few hours a day. At Strategic Learning Centre, your child will still be able to enjoy their summer and get the help that they will need to conquer the next grade. As well, they will be less anxious when the new school year begins. What could be better than that?

If your child has undergone tutoring for several years and no improvements are seen or he/she is still struggling, then it is time to discover their underlying difficulty. Once you have that information, then the learning challenge can be remediated. At Strategic Learning Centre, our brain training and remedial programs have been proven to address students’ specific needs. If your child continuously struggles in school, then it may be time to search beyond tutoring for a solution.

Strategic Learning Centre offers the following summer programs. If your child has been struggling this year, we can pinpoint the root of the learning problem.

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