Cynthia and her husband have always felt the importance of travelling as a family to all destinations, near or far. Over many years of travelling to countries overseas or more local places within Canada, she quickly realized that something was missing for her kids while travelling. Although her kids have learned the ins and outs of travelling by car, train and plane, by nature kids get bored. It occurred to her that something was needed to make every travel whether to the cottage or overseas, enjoyable for everyone.

The GOOD LITTLE TRAVELLER was then designed and created! 

An organized and compartmentalized filled backpack designed specifically for ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Based on the pillars of ART, CREATIVITY and LEARNING, she designed and developed these backpacks for her own children and what better than to share them with everyone! Parents have so much to think about prior to a departure that this is an all-in-one travel companion for the kids and gives parents one less thing to worry about!

Before she knew it, her kids started taking their packs everywhere, to the restaurant, on outings involving long appointments, on their way to the cottage and for the weekend at grandma’s house.