The Happiness Approach to Weight Loss

How to lose weight without depriving yourself, This is a personal approach to losing up to 30lbs in 90 days – totally tailored for you.

This is a highly personalized weight loss system, especially tailor made for your uniqueness and based on 6 steps.

Steps that really do work and proven by research and experience. No two people are the same, which is why every generic weight-loss program fails way more than they succeed. Your success means everything to us!

Just imagine 90 days from now being THIRTY pounds lighter, feeling fit and healthy, and rocking a new wardrobe!

Our unique 6 step Happiness Approach:

H – Happy – How to Choose to be happy!

E – Eat Clean – But without deprivation

A – Attitude – It changes everything

L – Live Life – It’s time to Love your Life !

T – Tell Yourself A Different Story. Your new story will change your life…

H – Heart Rate – We get it going but in the most fun ways!

Here’s what we will do TOGETHER:

3 x week 60 minutes

·2 workouts per week (tailor made for you!) It’s a 30 minute workout plus 30 coaching session. You will commit to a 3rd workout on your own but we brainstorm on what’s fun and do-able for you personally!

1 Skype coaching session per week to motivate you, answer your questions and get you over any challenges you may be facing.

Nutritional coaching – eat food that reflects self-love and self-respect. You will love yourself for it and start to feel energetic, sexy and happy!

Daily Inspirational check in. You are NOT alone in this. Support is the name of the game.

Powerful Affirmations

Recipes you’ll love!

Email support as you need it – We are here for you.

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