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Come exercise in an open-air gym with Marche Nordik Oxygène! Nordic Walking, derived from cross-country skiing, is a form of accelerated walking with specialized poles that can be enjoyed year-round.

A complete sport, Nordic Walking tones the entire body by using 90% of your muscles (shoulders, pectorals, abdominals, arms, back, thighs, and legs) and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout; it is also up to 50% more efficient than traditional walking, with much less stress on the joints.

Nordic Walking is a complete experience for your mind and body; take a break from your busy life as a mom or dad and enjoy the meditative experience of working out in nature.

Try one of our classes in Centennial Park (DDO) or Terra Cotta Park (Pointe-Claire) for FREE until September 11.  Contact to sign up!

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