As a mom, I know that I always find a “Kids eat Free” deal very appealing because I don’t like paying full price for a plate that my daughter will probably only eat part of. Kids rarely finish their meals, so it feels like a waste to pay for separate plate for them. A lot of restaurants these days offer nights where kids can eat for free or at a really cheap price. Here is a list of restaurants that we’ve come across that offer great deals to families:


*please note that most of the restaurants have a one child per adult policy


La Cage aux Sports – Kids eat free on Sundays

Pizza Hut – Kids eat free on Tuesdays

Barbie’s – Kids eat free on Sundays

St-Hubert – Kids eat for $2.95 on Tuesdays

Cote-St-Luc BBQ – On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, kids eat for $1.99

Casa Grecque – Kids eat free on Sundays

Bistro Merlot (located on Antoine Faucon) – Kids under 10 eat free on Sundays

Boston Pizza – Kids card for $5 gets you 6 kids meals

SacWich – Kids eat free on Sundays with the purchase of an adult meal.

L’Academie – Kids eat free on Sundays.

La Popessa – Kids eat free on Sundays.


If you know of any that we could add to the list, please let us know!

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