Public-PoolsSummer arrived fast this week and with the heat, cooling off is on a lot of people’s minds. As a kid, my family was never a member of a public pool and the idea of going to one really turned me off. I didn’t like sharing the water with others and being at a crowded place. As I got older, I still felt the same way.

Last year, we finally decided to join our local community pool. My daughter was at the age where she can play with friends at the pool and neighbours and friends had nothing but good things to say about the pool. I went in to it not knowing what to expect, but I had an open mind.

I have to say, that I was pleasantly surprised! Now I can’t even imagine not belonging to a local pool. The pool we went to (Thorndale in Pierrefonds) was so well maintained and had such a lovely environment. The pool did get crowded at times, but not too often. The water is heated, so no complaints in that department! And the staff was wonderful, the kids adored the lifeguards!

Most of all, my daughter’s swimming skills improved immensely! She spent so much time in the shallow end playing and swimming around with her friends that she didn’t even realize that she was learning to swim at the same time. It’s almost as if it came naturally.

So, that time of year is upon us now – time to register for the pool and I can’t tell you how excited I am! How about you, does your family join a local pool? Which pools in the West Island would you recommend? I give two thumbs up for Thorndale!!

Public pools – Yay or Nay?

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