Garderie Educative Tweetoons and Garderie Educative DDO are modern, clean and nurturing daycares
that offer a tailored, bilingual educational program to families in the Roxboro, Pierrefonds and DDO
Their qualified, loving, experienced and dedicated educators plan their daily routines around activities
that focus on furthering your child’s development while providing the patience, warmth, safety and love
that is needed for your child to feel comfortable in their learning environment, to learn at his or her own
pace and to create lifelong learners!

Complete with bright and spacious classrooms and filled with educational resources to stimulate
imagination and learning, well-equipped play yards with plenty of room to run, and a nutritious home-
cooked lunch plus two snacks every day. With all the in-house activities such as karate, yoga, and gym,
our children are always having fun and keeping in shape!
They also have monthly pyjama parties in the evening, providing parents with a chance to enjoy a date
night out!

Looking for a fun, affordable space for your child’s birthday party? Garderie Tweetoons and Garderie
DDO make their classrooms available and will provide staff to help make sure everything runs smoothly!
Whether its beach day, pyjama day, karate, yoga or gym class, color week or their annual International
or multi-cultural family potluck dinners, there is always something fun happening at Garderie
Tweetoons and Garderie DDO! They will afford you the peace of mind and assurance that your child is
in the care of reliable and dedicated professionals.

This is the perfect place for your child to learn, play and grow and to prepare them for their big leap
into kindergarten!!

You can contact Tweetoons at 514-542- 1651, DDO at 514-685- 9119 or visit their Facebook/web pages: