Toy’s heaven offers mainly new toys. Its goal is to render as many toys accessible to as many children possible by offering astronomic choice at a more than affordable price. Children need toys to have their intellect stimulated, to develop a keen sense of playfulness, to explore their artistic capacities and to make their imagination blossom. At Toy’s heaven it is our belief that an equilibrium has to be reached between physical activities and intellectual/ludic stimulation, in order for children to ascend to their maximum potential.

Toy’s heaven was started at first by a stay at home dad on a mission for his daughters. Over a three years span, we realized that many parents were also looking to save on toys. What started as a friend and family distribution has now grown to reach out to schools, daycares and even exportation to Africa!!! There are no boundaries a toy cannot cross to be loved and played with.

Moreover, at Toy’s heaven you also get a personalized touch from a parent understanding the needs and concerns a parent like you. We take the time to do toy consulting so you get the perfect toy for your loved ones. Take the time to look us up on facebook ( and let your inner child be amazed.