Come jam with us this summer! We offer a one of a kind program with music workshops in the morning and a fun sports program in the afternoon! Newly offered at MacDonald College with facilities to meet the needs of our active campers. Here is a quick peek at the workshops:


Maestro Class: Your child chooses the instrument he/she would like to learn during the camp. This is their specialization! On the menu: Piano or Guitar. This class is given by a professional teacher daily, first thing in the morning, served on a fresh mind.


Choir: Tailored to age, choir classes provide a sense of unity with the other campers. Songs will be learned, notes will be hit (and some missed!), souls will be fed.


Dance and rhythm: Dance is another form of expression, accessible to everyone! Get moving and grooving to release all that energy! A special choreography will be presented at the camp-end concert.


Music exploration: This volatile, interactive and yet instructive workshop focuses on the different musical repertoires and styles. Sound recognition, analysis and exploration of music and its history will be covered.


Registration can be done online, please call us to reserve your spot!  

(514) 697-9058

(438) 989-4214