Last week my daughter and I had the chance to attend the advance screening of  Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet. A spin off of Wreck it Ralph, and it did not disappoint. From the moment the movie started, we laughed and laughed. I could not wait to see this movie. I had seen the previews many times and it looked so good. I love the first movie and knew this would be a good one! It was long overdo.

There are so many good parts in this movie I don’t know where to start. Many jokes only parents might get…. especially when Venelope is in the Princess room…. we laughed and laughed during those scenes.

I just love the fact that kids can learn HOW the internet somewhat works. They get to see the good and the bad. The internet is our future and kids really need to understand how it all works. With online bullying so big, this movie shows how people can be mean online and things can go from good to bad fast. With viruses popping up and showing how destructive the internet can really be. The visuals were just amazing.

I love how Ralph was fighting for his friend. Right till the end, he stood up for her and was trying to get her back to her game. I don’t want to spoil the movie, but there are so many teachable moments in this film. It’s great to have a discussion after seeing it about how the internet works and how it’s so real. Sure games are fun and make believe, but social media is real- the internet is real.


This is definitely a must see in my books. A great movie for the whole family. We loved it and I can’t wait to see it again. Opens in Theatres November 21.