When Kim first started having her kids, exercising (or thinking about exercise) wasn’t a priority. She was just able to do the BASICS: multiple loads of laundry, dusting, cleaning, cooking, and caring for the kids. The pressure of being a new mom with less time for herself started to get to her. She was feeling the strain and was T.I.R.E.D! Having very little energy with very little “me time” Kim felt out of shape. She knew she could be more health-focused but felt she was doing all she could to survive the day-to-day juggling of parenthood.


But then came the day where Kim had an “ah ha” moment! She read an article in a magazine about finding balance: balance between work/home, and parenting/self-care. In that moment she realized that taking care of herself would help her to be a happier person. She knew she would feel better about herself, feel more confident…and have more energy. She realized that her kids didn’t need her to be a perfect Mom — they needed her to be a Mom who is self-aware and is able to find those small pockets of time to take care of herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Moms, Kim McKay is this weeks WIM featured business. Kim is a personal training specialist based in West Island. She focuses on health and overall fitness. She has over 16 years of experience training people from all walks of life, including Moms like you. Whether it’s gaining strength and flexibility, overcoming injuries, running a marathon, or fitting into those jeans, her passion is simply to help people HAPPILY achieve their health and fitness goals.


Be sure to check her out on her website for all the programs and info she offers.