We have a special Promo for you from WagonBags.

I was recently contacted by an amazing local company called WagonBags.  I had no idea what they were or how they functioned. I hoped onto social media to check them out. What an amazing product. 

Who else has about a dozen reusable bags for their groceries and yet somehow every time you go to the store they are sitting at home in a closet or full of stuff? Guilty as charged. When I learned about these new re-usable bags called WagonBags, I could not wait to get a set. I anxiously waited for my shipment to arrive and was excited to do some groceries with my new bags.

WAGONBAGS is a set of 4 reusable grocery bags that can hold up to 40lbs in each bag. 2 smaller ones are insulated for any frozen or cold items. 2 other bags are larger to hold all your boxes and dry products.  It is environmental-friendly smart and organized solution for family shopping.


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