Families are increasingly looking for engaging experiences that reflect their family values and embrace their lifestyle, with fresh and creative photographs. It used to be that families would reluctantly trudge to the retail studio for their annual photos; kids dressed in uncomfortable and often matching clothes (the only time you’d ever wear an outfit like your brother?!), restless, while frustrated parents try to corral the kids long enough to smile for the camera. No longer!

You are constantly obligated – work, school, activities, and technology. Lucy’s philosophy is to use a photo shoot as a fun-filled and unplugged experience – an opportunity for the family to connect, laugh, and just be together, in a world that constantly pulls at you. With photos that truly reflect your family’s vibe, it’s a way to keep your children little, even when they get big. And they get big in the blink of an eye.

Some people go to a retail studio because they’re unsure of what the custom photography experience is like. My clients are pleasantly surprised (especially husbands who tend to be initially resistant to photo shoots), wondering where the time went, and cheeks sore from laughter! Although she may first be greeted with shyness, by the time she leaves, the kids might be her bff’s. And maybe you too!

“My first experience with a family photo shoot was with Lucy and it was really amazing. Lucy has a way of making the kids (and the parents) feel very comfortable and at ease while she’s taking photos. She never asked anyone to “look into the camera”. It’s almost like you didn’t even realize you were being photographed. I had a few ideas of what I wanted, which Lucy took into consideration, but her creativity, playful and at ease techniques of getting everyone in their natural surroundings was what really created such beautiful results.” ~Ania

Lucy wants to be your family photographer. A trusted person to call for your annual family shoot or when celebrating other special moments, such as a new baby or a wedding. Being a mom herself, she understands the importance of capturing the true personality of your family, and will put every ounce of herself into achieving that.

If Lucy’s message resonates with you, contact her at lucybaumphoto@gmail.com with questions or to book a session. Find details and portfolio on the website: http://www.lucybaumphotographer.com/ or see what she’s up to on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LucyBaumPhotography