MamaDances_WIM_Kinga_5People never know what to expect when they sign up for a MamaDances class. It is an unpredictable and unparalleled adventure into parenting through movement and sharing.

MamaDances is a family dance program dedicated to promoting the holistic health of parents, children, families and communities through music and movement. MamaDances enhances parent-child bonding and forges social connections through an active, playful, creative and celebratory experience.

Created by dance artist, choreographer and Juilliard graduate Eryn Dace Trudell, MamaDances combines traditional and contemporary approaches to movement, dance, and wellness. All family members are invited to participate and no previous dance experience is required. Classes include Pre-natal Dance, Mom and Baby Dance, Parent and Child Dance, and Parent and Toddler Dance.

Join MamaDances and discover the joy of dancing with your child in community! Classes start Sept. 29th!




Here are some testimonials from other parents that have enjoyed MamaDances classes:

“Before taking a MamaDances class, my last experience in a dance class was when I was five and I got to pretend I was popcorn to the beat of a djembe drum. Nearly three decades later, my four-month-old daughter in arms, there were times that I felt stiff and awkward, and times that I felt full of grace and balance, not unlike my experience of parenting in general. But throughout it all I felt connected with my daughter, and with a group of other moms feeling, stumbling, and dancing their way into their new bodies as mothers. And, for me, that’s really what MamaDances was all about.”
– Sarah and daughter Ayela (mom and baby class)


“My son has grown to love this weekly outing, and so have I. The moves aren’t strenuous, the vibe is relaxed, and I recommend it as a fun and special bonding time with your baby.”
– Shannon and Connor (mom and baby class)


“A great opportunity to let off steam with my daughter, to follow in learning the movement and the discovery of her body and share with her my passion for dance. I run, she jumps, we dance … She loves and I have fun. This is a very good combination.”
– Frederic and Tessa (parent and child class)