Last will and testamentJennifer McCarthy, a West Island notary, has one very important piece of advice to all the moms out there – get a notarized will!  Jennifer has encountered too many horror stories in her practice that warrant this statement.  Here are her top reasons as to why you should have a notarized will:

– A holograph will (handwritten) creates a delay in the settlement of your estate for your loved ones.  The document has to go through a lengthy process called probate which takes a few months, thus leaving your loved ones in limbo.

– A handwritten will may not be accepted during probate if it does not follow specific guidelines.   Therefore your loves are left without a will to settle your estate.

–  Without a will, your estate devolves as per the specifications of the Civil Code of Quebec.  For example, if you are married with young children, according to the CCQ, your estate will devolve the following way: 1/3 to the surviving spouse, and 2/3 to the children. This will be problematic when the children are underage.

With that being said, please give Jennifer or her team a call at 514-630-6663 and set up your appointment to have your wills done!  Don’t forget about the deal of the week being offered, $50 off a will or mandate or both until April 15, 2015!