We have teamed up with Sherri Rabinovitch from The People Guru to bring you this amazing workshop. All the things you ever wanted to know about work after baby & beyond but were afraid to ask.

Do you want to go back to work after baby? Deciding what steps to take now that the responsibilities have changed at home, what to do?
Do you want to continue working? What makes sense for the family & can you afford to not go back?
Getting to the interview process…what to ask & not ask


A little about Sherri:

Sherri had been a HR Practitioner for more than 14 years in a Corporate setting and after having children, she decided to take her skills and experience into private practice in September 2014 and created The People Guru™. Sherri has always been passionate about helping others create their own destiny and fulfill their professional goals. Therefore, she excels at empowering people to find their lifes’ purpose, through asking the hard questions and her unique approach to Talent Management, and she can find ways to optimize the skills you already have or don’t even realize you possess. Sherri has had numerous years experience dealing with corporate structure, staffing, Human Resource Management and leadership training. Sherri can also strengthen your business by complimenting your existing HR department with her unique perspective or develop your HR to ensure you are optimizing your time in the areas that matter most to you & your business.