Elementary Schools Open House 2022

West Island Elementary Schools Open House

Here is a current list of the Elementary Schools Open Houses. All schools are doing their open house Virtually. If we are missing any or there are errors- please email us at westislandmommies@gmail.com

Lester B Pearson School Board

The open houses will be VIRTUALLY this year. Click here for more info on Lester B Pearson schools.

Edgewater Elementary, Pincourt – January 19th- 6:30pm

St.Patrick, Pincourt- January 20th at 6:30pm

Dorset Elementary, baie D’urfe– January 18th at 6:30pm

Westpark, DDO  – January 18th- various times

Margaret Manson, Kirkland-   January 20th- 6:30pm and 7:30pm

St.Edmund, Beaconsfield – January 20th- 6:30pm

Christmas Park, Beaconsfield – January 20th-

Beechwood School, Pierrefonds – January 20th at 6:30pm

St.John Fisher Junior, Pointe-Claire – January 20th

Evergreen School, St-Lazare – January 19th at 6:30pm

St.Charles Elementary, Pierrefonds – January 20th- 11am and 7pm

Mount Pleasant School, Hudson – January 20th – 6pm

Kingsdale Academy Elementary, Pierrefonds – January 18th- 6:30pm

Birchwood Elementary, Saint-Lazare – January 20th at 7pm

Beacon Hill Elementary, Beaconsfield – January 19th- 6:30pm

Wilder Penfield, DDO– January 20th at 6:30pm

ClearPoint , Pointe- Claire – January 18th at 6:30pm

Forrest Hill, St.Lazare– January 20th

Sherbrooke Academy Junior, Beaconsfield– January 20th at 6pm

Sunshine Academy, DDO– January 20th at 6pm

Terry Fox Elementary, Pierrefonds

Dorval Elementary, Dorval– January 20th at 7pm

St.Anthony Elementary– January 20th

Maple Grove Elementary

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary, Vaudreuil– January 19th at 6:30pm

Springdale Elementary, DDO– January 20th- 5:30pm

CSMB- French School Board

St.Remi, Beaconsfield

Ecole Jacques-Bizard in Ile Bizard

Ecole Jonathan Wilson in Ile Bizard –

École du Bout-de-l’Isle, Ste.Anne-de-bellevue-

Joseph Henrico, Baie D’urfe: 

Ecole Alternative Jonathan – One session on January 12 and another session January 19th

Here is a link to the french school board- Commission Scolaire Marguerite- Bourgeoys.
As an FYI- the french school board typically does not do open houses. Contact the school of interest directly.

Other Schools

Alexander von Humboldt-  January 28th 11am to 2pm

Hebrew Foundation School, DDO-    January 20th at 7pm

College Sainte- Anne– virtually on their site

The Priory School 

College Charlemagne

College Beaubois

Kuper Academy