Say Hello to Nutrition Kirkland…

Nutrition Kirkland is the newest energizing tea bomb and protein shake bar to hit the West Island. A family run business, owners Christine Langston and Andrea Martyniuk (both West Island mommies) together with their husbands and daughters opened their doors on June 19th in the heart of Kirkland.

Friendly and inviting! Their location is beautiful, bright, clean and airy. It’s a great place to meet up with friends to enjoy a refreshing energizing tea, delicious protein shake or iced protein coffee.

Not only are their teas visually stunning, they are healthier alternatives to the many high calorie drinks out there.  Their teas contain vitamin C, B vitamins, and a unique energy blend to support mental alertness.  All of their energizing teas are low calorie, zero sugar, and guilt free. Their protein shakes are between 200-255 calories, 10 grams of sugar and 25 grams of protein. They also have a variety of options for the little ones.

They also pride themselves on giving back to the community. They feel it is so important to support local businesses, charities and fundraisers. Since they opened, they have already sponsored #TeamMaizie, West Island Women’s shelter and F.a.c.e.s Foster care.