West Island Mommies Activity Kits

March Break Activity Kits

Spring Break is around the corner and this year for most of us , it’s a staycation. As a mom, I know sometimes it’s hard to figure out fun indoor activities for the kids to do. With an ongoing pandemic, running around store to store is also not always an option or the safest option.

West Island Mommies to the rescue! I have put together some Activity kits together to make life easier for Mom and Dad. They are all reasonably priced and different options are available.

To order your kit, please email us at westislandmommies@gmail.com Free pick up in Kirkland. $2 delivery fee to anywhere in the west island. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all. All Prices include tax. Each kit is while supplies last. First come first serve.

NEW Light up Rainbow,Butterfly, Dinosaur Kit– Limited Qtys

These kits are sold separately.
We have 2x Light up Rainbow Kit
2x Light up Dino Kit
1x Light up Butterfly Kit

Included with kit:

– wood piece


-Paint brush

$6 each Kit While supplies Last

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NEW Paint a Bus and Truck- ONLY 2 KITS AVAILABLE (inquire to order more)

Paint a wooden bus and truck to play with.

Included with this kit is:

-wooden toy truck

-wooden toy bus

– 3 various paint jars included

-paint brush


NEW Paint Trinket Box with heart Photo- 2 AVAILABLE ( inquire for more quantities)

This medium sized trinket box is ready to be painted. Has a heart shape cut out on the top to put a photo in.

Included in this kit

-wooden box

-4-various colours jars of paint

-paint brush


NEW Paint a Wooden Heart and Unicorn Picture Holder ( ONLY 2 KITS AVAILABLE- inquire for more)

Paint this wooden heart and this wooden unicorn picture or paper holder .

Included with this kit:

-wooden heart

-wooden unicorn

-paint brush

-3 small jars of paint various colours


NEW Paint a Wooden Cat ( 2 AVAILABLE- inquire for more qtys)

Paint this wooden cat on a stand.

Included with this Art Kit:

-wooden cat

-Paint Brush

-3 small jars of paint various colors


Wooden Face Masks Art Activity

We have a variety of cute wooden face masks that children can paint.

Included with each kit:
– Mask
– Paint
-Paint Brush

$5 each Kit.

*** While Supplies last.

Planting Kits

Spring is around the corner. Why not start planning and plant some flowers or vegetables. We have 2 options available. A flower seed kit option and vegetable seed kit option.

Included with each kit:

– 2 planting pots

– dirt to fill both cups

-2 sticks to put in your pot with a label of the seeds

-choice of Seeds
Either 2 packs of Flower seeds


2 packs of Vegetables ( choice of Tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, beans)

$6 for each kit

Movie Snack Kit

What else is better than a movie afternoon or evening with some yummy snacks. We have put together a fun Snack kit.

Included in the Kit:

-4 Popcorn Buckets

-2 bags of Microwave Popcorn

-2 bags of candy ( candy type varies based on availability)

-4 juice boxes ( choice of fruit punch or apple juice)

-4 individual Rice Krispies


Colour your own Picture Frame– ONLY 2 AVAILABLE ( inquire to order more)

In this kit, you have a wooden picture frame to decorate and make your own.

Included with this kit:

-wooden picture frame

-washable markers

-Various stickers

-Pom Poms with glue


Paint your own Bird House

It’s so much fun to paint your own birdhouse , hang it outside and watch the birds flock for food.

This Kit Includes:

  • Bird House
  • 3 bottles of pain ( Random colors)
  • Paint Brush
  • A small container of bird seed
  • A piece of rope to hang ( not shown in photo)


Paint a Wooden Lion- (ONLY 1 AVAILABLE- enquire to order more)

Have fun painting this wooden Lion.

Included with this kit:

-wooden lion

-paint brush

-3 jars of paint (various colours)