What are Parents saying about Bebe & Cie….

When planning to put your child in a daycare, feedback is always the best tool to have. We have some great feedback from fellow parents at Bebe & Cie.

For every parent it can be a  very emotional challenge to leave their child in the care of a stranger. For some parents, financial circumstances require both parents to work, some parents are doing it all on their own and have no choice but to have a center care for their child, then some parents feel that the social aspect that comes with a daycare will do wonders for their child’s development, and for some others, it’s just the choice that fits their needs. Whatever the reason – feel confident that you will be happy with the service and care offered by Bebe et Cie.

“My son is so happy at this daycare. All smiles in the morning and full of stories about what he did at the end of the day. Highly recommend. Great staff,  and good communication.”

G.A. December 2020

“The staff at Bébé & Cie are not babysitters.. From the chef, to the teachers, administration and owner – everybody has your child’s best interest at heart. They are co-parenting with you and a building a foundation for your child. They are the ‘village’ that so many talk about.. I see their love for my child and their desire to help raise him almost as their own. I value their advice and input when it comes to my child. I respect when they discipline him and question how I can assist them as they assist me in molding him into a caring, empathetic member of our society. Thank you Bébé & Cie for allowing this mother to go to work in order to take care of my responsibilities while knowing that my son is in great and loving hands”

J.C. December 2020

Love the staff, the activities they do with the kids, the FOOD, the little gestures that show how much they care for our kids! They teach creativity, sharing and help our children become autonomous!

M.A. December 2020

Awesome place !!! Our son started going to Garderie Bebe & Cie just before turning 1 and he’s turning 5 in just a few months. We feel so lucky we found this daycare everyone is so well treated. The educator and administration are very warm and caring, and really seem to have our child’s best interest at heart. The place is very clean, friendly and our son will only eat food that the cook prepares. They are always great and on point with communications. i couldn’t imaging fining a better environment for my son.

M.R. December 2020

It’s our second time at this daycare. Hands down what makes this place A+ is the stafff and management.

The Educators are compassionate, fun, loving, professional and truly care about the children here.I have seen both my daughters thrive with the attention and learning they have received. The in-house-chef is a gem! The place is always clean, and filled with innovative crafts. I would not hesitate to recommend this daycare to anyone!

C.S. December 2020

My son has been at this daycare for 3 years now. His teacher is so caring and loving…he is learning french songs and how to write. They do little science experiments weekly and also worksheets to improve dexterity. He is always excited to go in and sheare stories about his days! I am glad I chose this daycare. The kids are happy and well cared for!!

S.M. December 2020

Awesome Daycare!! This is my son’s 2nd Daycare and he’s been attending here for almost 3 years now.. The staff and management are very caring and friendly and the Daycare itself is very neat and clean.. Definitely 5 stars for this Daycare..*****

H.A.D.M December 2020

Bébé et Cie. daycare center supports all aspects of a child’s growth by providing a variety of individual and group play activities, which are designed to meet the development skills in the early stages of childhood.


 Children will learn to get along in groups in which they express their feelings and thoughts. They will learn the concepts of sharing, empathy, positive communication, conflict resolution, accepting and respecting differences and more. We practice social and moral development everyday through games, stories and discussions.

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: Our environment promotes and fosters the development of cognition by encouraging children’s curiosity, observation, exploration as well as experimentation and problem solving skills. We strive to enhance cognitive development by providing play experiences with math and science, imagination and creativity, and building a good foundation for reading and writing skills.

LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT : Our program further encourages children to practice their language skills through discussion, songs, stories, circle time and free play. Our focus is to develop the child’s speaking skills including vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Your child will learn numbers, interpersonal relations, and classification skills that develop their skills.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: (Fine and Gross motor skills): : Our goal is to develop the child’s health through free and structured physical activities, increase body awareness, improve hand-eye coordination, and explore rhythm and movement.

Children on their own are consistently using fine motor skills when getting themselves dressed to go outside. We promote developing their fine motor skills by writing, drawing, creating with play-doh, cutting with scissors, and anything else that involves the use of the small muscles in their hands.

As for gross motor skills, children naturally practice these skills on their own, so our program ensures that there is plenty of time for both indoor and outdoor physical activities to practice them.

EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Emotional development is composed of two categories, (1)emotions and (2)self help (independance). Life offers plenty of opportunities for children to be exposed to both, however our educators continuously develop a child’s emotional development by planning activities centered around health, hygiene and emotions.

We are determined to promote positive self-image and the development of independence, through exploring art, music, drama dance and play

Bebe & Cie is located at 4830 Boul. St.Jean, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Qc.
(514) 675-1231