Mommy Discussions

We get a lot of questions sent in to us everyday, and oftentimes they are questions that have already been discussed, but are buried on our Facebook page. We want to help you easily find those threads with this list – The Mommy Discussions. Take a look at the questions and click on it to read the thread:

Daycare Advice

Home daycare versus daycare centre – opinions?

Finding a daycare for a child with special needs


Daycare Feedback

Maison Arc-En-Ciel (Vaudreuil/Dorion)

Marla’s Minis

Kingdom of Dreams (Kirkland)

CPE Les Bois Verts (DDO)

CPE Les Petits Anges

CPE Au Petit Carrousel II (Pierrefonds)

The Learning Tree

Ciel Ouvert (Pierrefonds)

West Island Daycare (Pointe-Claire)

Montessori (Pointe-Claire)

Unicorn Daycare (Pierrefonds)

Le Lapin Bleu (DDO)

Garderie Mini Academie ABC (Pointe-Claire)

Cynthia’s Daycare (Ile Perrot)

Parc Place Daycare (Dorval)

Monchichi Daycare (Kirkland)

Tamaley Daycare

La Garderie Educative des Petits Amis (Pierrefonds)

Garderie Pierrefonds Inc.

Orchard House (Pointe-Claire)

CPE Deux par Deux (Kirkland)

Garderie Riverside (Gouin Ouest)

Garderie Melodie de la Vie (Des Sources)

Marie-Claire (Kirkland)

Melissa’s Daycare (Pointe-Claire)

Parc Place Daycare (Dorval)

Didi’s Home Daycare (DDO)

Mercedes Home Daycare (DDO)

Superkidz (Pierrefonds)

Academie des Merveilles (DDO)

Elementary School Feedback

St-John Fisher Elementary


Beacon Hill

Christmas Park




Parenting Advice

Breastfeeding with a baby that is allergic to soy/milk products

Non-Toxic bug repellant formulas

Cloth diaper services

English children attending French school

How do you deal with children in their pre-teens that talk back?

Can you recommend a therapist for post-partum depression?

Traveling with a baby

How do you explain the arrival of a new baby to a toddler?

Recommendations for a child psychologist

Recommendations for car booster seats

Recommendations for rear/forward facing car seat

Where can I get my baby’s ears pierced?

Recommendations for a family lawyer

Applying for age derogation for Kindergarten

Support group in the West Island for single moms

Vaccination for Hep a & B before leaving on vacation

Recommendations for a pediatric dermatologist

Recommendations for a urologist that works with kids

Support groups for parents of multiples

Best diaper rash remedies

Birthday Party loot bag etiquette



Breech baby and chiropractors

Sequential pregnancies and maternity benefits

Looking for pre-natal and/or post-natal yoga classes?

Recommendations for a doula

Where do you donate cord blood?

How to avoid hair loss post partum

Recommendations for a prenatal massage

Therapist for PPD

Baby shower for a 2nd pregnancy?


Birthday Party Venues

JKS Karate in DDO

Inexpensive birthday ideas

Local Parks

Hired Entertainment


Relationship Advice

Can you recommend a marriage counselor?

Romantic restaurants in the West Island


Life in the West Island

What is your favorite restaurant in the West Island?

Moving company recommendations

Interior Decorator recommendations

Looking for a local electrician?

Recommendations for dentists for high anxiety kids

What mommy walking groups do you belong to in the West Island?

Recommendations for an Osteopath

Roofing company recommendations

Recommendations for a rheumatologist

Recommendations for adult psychologists

Hairdressers that come to your house?

Recommendations for a Landscaper

Cleaning ladies in the West Island

Recommendations for a window cleaning company

Recommendations for a male chiropractor

Recommendations for companies that install astro turf

Recommendations for an acupuncturist

Recommendations for a nutritionist

Best pizza places in the West Island!

Who gets invited to a birthday party?


Children’s Activities

Chess classes for children

Looking for a piano teacher?

Martial Arts Schools

Mommy Cafes