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We have a great deal this week from Sugargirlee & co. Planning your next party and need balloons? Well orders yours today and get free delivery to the west island.  

Please contact us to help you #celebratesweetly! To see more of our products, please visit our website and Instagram page @sugargirleeco. For Montreal bookings, please contact Joe at or 514-675-9923. #wemakeballoonsfancy


Introducing this week’s business of the week Sugargirlee & Co.

With the holidays just are around the corner, Sugargirlee & Co. have balloons to make an impact on any parties!  

Sugargirlee & Co. is Canada’s Premier Luxury Balloonery and has sweetened occasions for high level brands and private clients since 2013. We know what it takes to elevate your event and our Signature Styling captures the vision for any type of special occasion. 
Please contact us to help you #celebratesweetly! To see more of our products, please visit our website and Instagram page @sugargirleeco. For Montreal bookings, please contact Joe at or 514-675-9923. #wemakeballoonsfancy



The holidays are around the corner. Time to plan ahead and order your child’s very own personalized letter.

Do your kids mail out a letter to santa every year? I know you can send a letter to Santa via Canada post and then they send out a very generic letter to everyone. The same letter over and over again. Well have I got the next best thing for you.

Check out Order your child’s personalized letter from Santa. Right down to the gifts they want and everything. There are many package offerings available with just the letter or some extra added items that will make your child feel special.



You can choose the sample letter or you can send in your own version. You can choose which design you would like and which package. Then come December, your child will receive a beautiful package in the mail. How cool is that??

The prices start at 12.99$ and go up to 34.99$ with so many choices to choose from.  From personalized items to magic reindeer food, your child will be amazed!


Check out my video review on these super cool products. All created by a local mom entrepreneur. Support Local businesses and sign up today for your letter to santa!

You can visit them on Facebook or directly on their site to order.





Speech-language pathologists can address a wide range of communicative challenges, however, sometimes parents are unsure about whether or not their child is meeting their developmental milestones. Perhaps they haven’t yet heard their child say “mama,” or maybe they have, but it was unclear and is inconsistent. While typically-developing children acquire speech and language at differing rates, there are some early speech and language skills that are expected by the age of two. Children should:

– Produce approximately 50 words expressively at 18 months, and 200 words at 24 months

– Begin combining words into simple phrases (i.e., more milk)

– Follow simple 2-step instructions (i.e., put on your shoes and get your bag)
– Imitate new words or sounds
– Respond to simple ‘where’ and yes-and-no questions
– Use simple speech sounds with clarity (P, B, M, N, H, W) but may have difficulty with more complex sounds (K, G, S, L, TH, SH, R, etc.)
– Be understood approximately 50% of the time by others

The ‘wait and see’ approach is not recommended.  If you suspect that your child may have a delay, contact a speech-language pathologist at SpeakAble for a consultation. They will then be able to recommend the best course of action for your child that suits their individual needs.

(438) 300-3146




SpeakAble Speech and Language has now expanded to Montreal!

Tamara Paull is a registered speech language pathologist and the founder of SpeakAble. She grew up in Pierrefonds, QC, and completed her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of British Columbia. Tamara moved to Toronto in 2012 to build up her practice which grew into a team of licensed speech-language pathologists and support personnel. She recently moved back home to Montreal and brought SpeakAble down the 401 with her (she still manages the Toronto office remotely)!

Tamara’s passion lies in the pediatric world. Her curiosity in the profession peaked right after high school, when she worked as an ABA therapist with children with autism. Supporting children with autism spectrum disorder, and their families, continues to be her area of interest and specialty as a speech-language pathologist. The clinicians at SpeakAble evaluate and treat children of all ages who present with a wide range of difficulties in the areas of emerging language, articulation, phonology, oral motor skills, fluency, developmental disorders, pragmatics and expressive and receptive language.

SpeakAble provides in-home evaluation and treatment sessions. They recognize that life can be chaotic, leaving us with little valuable family time, let alone time to drive to a speech therapist’s office. Additionally, rapport is quickly built between a clinician and a child when in a comfortable, quiet home environment. A trusting and comfortable relationship can propel the rate of progress. Home visits are beneficial for more reasons than convenience and comfort. They also allow parents and caregivers to be actively involved and participate in the sessions in a natural, non-contrived environment.

If you or someone you know has concerns regarding your child’s speech and/or language, do not hesitate to call SpeakAble for a free phone consultation. A licenced speech-language pathologist will discuss your concerns and determine if an evaluation is recommended at this time.

(438) 300-3146