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Do you have a camera collecting dust because you’re not sure how to use it? Say goodbye to
frustration and hello to fantastic photos (especially of your kids) with our 6-week in-person
course, Photography Basics at The Academy by Sophy Cee Photography.
In this course, you will:
 Get to know your camera settings inside and out.
 Master Manual mode for ultimate creative control.
 Learn how to focus like a pro.
 Harness the power of light to enhance your shots.
 And so much more!
We make learning easy and enjoyable. Each week, you’ll have engaging exercises to practice at
home, and you’ll receive a handy workbook for reference. Plus, you’ll become part of our
private Facebook group, where you can share your photos, receive valuable feedback, and
enjoy a supportive community.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our students have to say about Photography
�� Kat raves, “This course was exactly what I needed to help me understand how to use my
camera and what elements help take a great picture. Sophy’s work is astounding, and this
course has left me wanting to learn more. Sophy teaches in a way that’s easy to understand and
fun to take in”
�� Jackie shares her experience, “This course was exactly what I’ve always wanted, but never
could find; a place to learn, explore, ask questions, and practice by cutting to the chase!
Whipping out my iPhone was always my go-to move to capture moments, but I feel so much
more comfortable with my mirrorless camera on manual mode to achieve the exact look I’m
going for – so satisfying!”
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to use your camera the easy way. Join
Photography Basics today. Sign up now and get 15% off for being a WIM Member. Use code
WIM15 at checkout!

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