Introducing TransformART Studio…

Transformart is a MINDFUL ART STUDIO, which means that the focus of the classes is the process of making art and the atmosphere to create. 

The activities at the Studio encourage everybody to experience the transformative power of healing with art.  Some of them include: meditating with mandalas, practicing art journaling or intuitive painting on a canvas with watercolours, acrylics or mixed media, as well as creating a vision board or sculpting, among  others. 

The self-directed practice of creativity develops mindfulness, connection with ourselves and the world around us.  The aim is to heal, to feel happy and empowered in a time and a place to relax and enjoy, playing with art supplies, taking any anxiety or pressure away.

Her founder, Arantza Izurrategui, says that Transformart Studio is a “SPA for your soul” because, after a session of creativity there, you feel calm, recharged and ready to take over the world.


489 Beaconsfield Blvd
Beaconsfield, Qc

Phone: (514) 649-0015



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