All about Kim McKay Fitness

Kim McKay is a personal training specialist based on the west island of Montreal, with a focus on fitness, health, and overall wellness.  She has over 16 years’ experience training people individually and in groups. Her passion and motivation is helping people happily achieve their health and fitness goals.  Whether it’s gaining strength and flexibility, overcoming injuries, running a marathon, or fitting into those jeans, she will help them get there! It really fires her up to make someone smile….to know she’s reached someone’s tender spot and see their happiness light up because of her personalized program approach.


Kim states that “years ago I figured out that trying to be “perfect” was self-defeating.  What works is doing my best and doing my best is great!  I use the 80/20 rule. My goal for myself and my clients is to be self-aware, happy and healthy.”

Kim graduated from John Abbott College with a D.E.C. in  Social Sciences which truly helped her form the foundation of what she does: learning and understanding individual and group needs, while at the same time enhancing her interpersonal skills. She completed her personal trainer specialist certification with Canadian Fitness Professionals, as well as the YMCA Individual Conditioning certification.

Over the past 16 years Kim has worked with hundreds of people who have collectively lost hundreds of pounds.  Achieving their goals is important to them and also to her; whether losing weight, toning and strengthening, and/or overcoming injury.


Please see below the current programs offered at Kim McKay Fitness: 


Circuit & Core Training Class

A high energy and fun class! This class consists of a structured circuit of compound exercises with little rest in between exercises.  This maximizes calorie burn and increases metabolic rate during and after the workout. The last 15 minutes is focused on core and flexibility.


One-on-One Training

Private training sessions that will keep you motivated, engaged, and challenged based on your goals and needs.


Pairs Training

Individualized fitness program offered to any two people who would like to share a session.


The Happiness Approach to weight loss program

This is a highly personalized approach to losing 30 lbs. in 90 days – custom tailored for you and your uniqueness, and based on 6 steps.

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