Carpet Tips and Tricks from Aspirateur Vacupro

Vacupro is your one stop shop for all your floor cleaning needs. The store is located in Plaza Pointe Claire. Vacuums, central vacs, Hand vacs, floor cleaners, accessories and so much more. With years of experience, also comes some fantastic cleaning and vacuum tips and tricks. Read some great tips below to help you out with those tough cleaning jobs.

Hard to clean spaces

Grab an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll and attach it to the end of your vacuum hose and you get right into those tight spaces such as window tracks.

How to get rid of Carpet dents from furniture

Do you ever have those dents in your carpet after furniture has been left in the same spot for a long time? There are 2 ways you can help to get rid of them.

  • You can place ice cubes in the dent and let it sit and the carpet will then lift back up

Another method to fluff up your carpet is to take a fork and comb over the dent. It will help fluff up the carpet.

How to get gum out of your Carpet

There is nothing worse than getting gum stuck in the carpet. We have some great tips on getting it out.

Here’s what you need to do to remove gum from your carpeting successfully:

  • Place an ice pack or a few bagged ice cubes on top of the gum.
  • Leave the ice on the gum until it is entirely frozen and very hard to the touch.
  • Use a dull knife or putty knife to scrape the gum from the carpeting.
  • When you’re doing this, the gum should be frozen enough to crack and chip away as you scrape at it.
  • Continue scraping until there is no more visible gum on the carpet.
  • Using a gentle dish soap or white vinegar, clean the spot with a towel and vacuum it up until its completely dry.

This method also works on Play doh stuck in the carpet as well.

Have you lost a tiny object like an earing in your carpet?

We have the perfect tip for you to find that tiny earing or small object using your vacuum.

Cover the end of your hose with a Nylon then vacuum the room. You will quickly find that lost earing or very small object you have been searching for endlessly.

Need to freshen up your Vacuum?

There are many ways to freshen up your vacuum cleaner with things around the house. One option is to throw a dryer sheet into your vacuum bags and it will keep things fresh for a few weeks.

You can also grab some of your Downy Unstoppables that you use for your laundry. Drop about 10 to 15 beads into your bag and your home will be smelling fresh and clean for a few months!

Vacupro also carries some great products in store that you can use as well. Stop by their store and see what they have to offer.

Be sure to shop at Vacupro located in Plaza Pointe Clarie- 269 Boul St. Jean. You will find a large variety of cleaning products to suit all your cleaning needs.