Family Fun Fair Feature: Stagecoach



Lockdown has been a challenging time for children who have missed socializing, sports and creative outlets

Stagecoach West Island is now enrolling new students. Following a series if successful summer workshops, we are feeling confident for the Fall term, restarting their acclaimed performing arts lessons. In preparation for schools reopening, and in line with the government guidelines, Stagecoach is introducing a range of safety measures to ensure children are kept safe.

Extracurricular activities have always played an important part in children’s development and it has been a challenging time for children who thrive with a creative outlet. Performing arts can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing in young people, including reducing anxiety, stress and combating depression. It can help to boost confidence and make children feel more engaged and resilient.

Stagecoach West Island’s principal, Johanne, commented: “We will be getting back into teaching the next generation of talent very soon! We are committed to building ‘Creative Courage for Life’, the performing arts have been proven to build confidence and improve broad range of life skills such as public speaking, resilience and empathy.

Stagecoach is the biggest network of extra-curricular performing arts schools in the UK and is responsible for talent including Emma Watson (Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast), Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Fantastic Four) and Eleanor Tomlinson (Poldark, Jack the Giant Slayer). The classes are divided across early stages (ages 4-6), main stages (ages 6-15) and cover singing, dancing and acting.

For more information about Stagecoach and to enrol please visit their website or contact us at 514-827-8412. 

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