Fun and friendship are waiting for her at Girl Guides

Girl Guides is a place where girls can discover fun activities together with friends.

Girls in Guiding usually meet with their unit once per week. Alongside their peers and volunteer mentors, girls can decide what skills they want to learn, what badges they want to work towards, and what fun activities they will dive into.

From science experiments and scavenger hunts to learning new skills and singing silly songs, she’ll have a blast exploring whatever it is that sounds fun to her.

And the best part? At Girl Guides, her new friends and our dedicated volunteeres  will cheer her on each step of the way and celebrate her as she takes on new experiences. Now that’s fun.

Maggie is a member of Girl Guides. Her family describes the friendly and inclusive environment that Guiding provides, along with the fun she has in her Spark unit, designed for girls ages five and six:

“Maggie loves the weekly meetings, her Guiders, and the group of friends she has made. Every week there’s something new to learn.”

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