Fun Crafts for all ages

 Fun Crafts for All ages

Check out these super fun and cute craft ideas from local mommy Blogger Jennifer Cox from Whoa Mama! So many fun ideas ! Be sure to head over and LIKE her FB page for so many fun craft ideas on what to do with the kids this summer.

Bird feeders

There are so many ways you can entice the birds to come to your hard, from egg carton birdfeeders and toilet paper rolls rolled in peanut butter and birdseed, to ones built out of Popsicle sticks. But our personal favourite: threading treats onto pipecleaners and hanging them in the trees. We’ve used Fruit Loops, Cheerios and mini pretzels.

Make your own paintbrushes

What can you find around the house, both inside and out, that could be fashioned into your own one-of-a-kind paintbrushes? Maybe some leaves or blades of grass, sponges and scrap paper, balled up foil or Saran wrap, and so much more. This is a two-part activity: go hunting for supplies and then get painting!

Pipe cleaner butterflies

These are so much fun to make! Use markers to colour a coffee filter and then spray it with water – the colours will blend and swirl together. Then, pinch in the middle and secure with a pipecleaner, and then use the excess pipecleaner to create little antennae.


Rainy summer days make for perfect reading days, so encourage reading but creating your own custom-made bookmarks. Use whole punchers, glitter glue, and anything else you’d like to use to decorate them, and attach a little piece of yarn or string so you can always find your page.

Jennifer Cox is a full-time freelance journalist who writes for Today’s Parent, CBC Parents, Parents Canada magazine, and more, and she is a mommy to a 4-year-old bean. She also loves crafting and other DIY projects, which she shares on her Whoa Mama! Facebook page  and YouTube channel .