Garderie Tweetoons and Garderie Educative DDO

Garderie Tweetoons & Garderie Educative DDO are bilingual private daycares conveniently serving Dollard des Ormeaux (DDO), Pierrefonds and Roxboro.
We offer a wide range of daily educational activities designed to promote many different aspects of your
child’s growth, learning and development, all with the objective of creating lifelong learners.
In addition to our educational activities, health and wellness is also important for our children. We
integrate daily physical activities into our curriculum, as well as providing a variety of healthy balanced
meals for your children. We encourage healthy living so that our children incorporate these positive
habits and turn them into their daily lifelong routines.

All of our curriculums are mentally stimulating, foster imagination and creativity and above all, are fun
for your child.
Our warm and qualified instructors and welcoming environment make this a well-rounded experience
for your child.
Garderie Tweetoons & Garderie Educative DDO will afford you the peace of mind and assurance that
your child is in the care of reliable and dedicated professionals.
Spaces are limited, so call us today and schedule a visit at:
Garderie Tweetoons (514) 542-1651
Garderie DDO (514) 685-9119
In addition to our well-rounded daycare service, we also offer an exciting and fun Summer Camp for
children aged 6-9yrs old!