Introducing Inventor STEM School…

Inventor STEM School is an after school center, where kids are offered to learn robotics, programming, engineering and math with the help of LEGO Education. With 14 years of experience and 33 schools around the world Inventor STEM School is opening on West Island! This summer all kids (6-12 y.o.) are invited to sign up for Summer STEM Camp, during which they will build different models, program their first robots, conduct science experiments and have fun!

The program of the Summer Camp is designed to combine 3 components: learning, physical activities outdoors and having fun! Every day campers will build a new LEGO model and learn how everything in the world around them works. Older kids will also have an opportunity to dive into the world of Minecraft Education Edition and to learn how to program this world’s famous game! Kids will spend at least 4 hours per day outside (unless it’s raining or there is a heat warning) by playing different sports and games in an amazing park nearby. Camp runs for 8 full weeks, from June 28th till August 20th, from 8 am till 4 pm, with the option of early check-in and late drop out. The registration is per week and there are various discounts offered: sibling discount (50$ off), 2 weeks discount (50$ off), 3 weeks discount (100$ off).

This year, the quantity of kids in each group is significantly reduced to ensure the safest environment possible. Only 6 kids per group will form a small bubble and kids will remain within their group for the whole period of a camp. In total, Inventor STEM Camp will host 3 groups of children, which means only 18 kids onsite instead of normally 52. On the 1st day at camp every camper will receive his/her personal LEGO Set, tablet, laptop/computer, science kit, and kit for STEM activities. There will be no shared materials and every child will have a whole desk for himself/herself.

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